What type of “nipples” are abnormal?

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What type of “nipples” are abnormal?

The shape of each person’s nipples But they have different characteristics. Some have long, protruding nipples. Some have inverte. Or some have hair on their nipples. But how do we know which nipple shapes are normal? And which ones are not normal? What are they? Let’s try to find the answer together at ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Nipple characteristics: which are normal and which are abnormal?

  • Inverted nipples

Symptoms of inverted Refers to the appearance of the nipple being sunken or shrinking into the breast. This may be caused by having milk ducts that are shorter than normal. Therefore, the nipples are shrunk inward. May occur on one nipple. or both sides On average, like this occur in about 10-20% of women.

This symptom of inverted can consider a normal symptom. But it may cause problems for those who need to breastfeed. Especially for those who have severe inverted nipples. Surgery may be required to restore normalcy.

  • There is secretion from the nipples.

Various secretions flowing from the nipple Whether it is breast milk, clear fluid, lymph, pus, or blood, there may be normal and abnormal symptoms.

Normally, secretions come from. It can occur from various reasons such as breast milk, menstruation. or the condition of enlargement of the milk ducts (Mammary duct ectasia) that can be found in postmenopausal women. These symptoms are considered normal. Can happen to ordinary people. Usually does not cause any harm. and can disappear on its own without the need for treatment

But if the secretions that come out of the are thick, viscous, and smell bad. yellow or green and looks like swamp water It may be a sign of a breast infection. and should receive urgent treatment To prevent the infection from getting worse

Additionally, if you have blood or brownish fluid coming out of your. It may be a sign of chronic diseases such as thyroid disease or breast cancer. and should be examined by a doctor to further diagnose the disease

knobby nipples

Some people may develop small bumps around their nipples and areolas, small bumps, or acne-like bumps on their nipples. These are called The sebaceous glands in the nipples (Montgomery gland) produce sebum to coat the nipple area. and helps create lubrication for the nipples It’s a normal nipple. There’s no danger. and will be found during pregnancy

However, if you have a bump or lump Occurs in the nipple area During the time you are not pregnant This may be a sign of a disease such as a blocked milk duct, nipple abscess, infection, or fallopian tube cancer. Should be examined by a doctor to make a diagnosis.

  • hairy nipples

In the nipple and areola area They all have hair follicles, just like any other area of ​​the body. This causes hair to still appear in the nipple and areola area. This is normal. Some people may find the hair in that area annoyed. You can use scissors to trim the hairs off. But don’t wax the nipple area. Because it may cause irritation.

The size of the nipples has change.

Normally, our breasts and There may be some swelling. and larger During menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or even using birth control pills. These changes in the breast and nipple It can be considered a normal symptom. that can happen Because of hormonal changes in the body

But if one nipple or breast There is noticeable swelling. It could be a sign of an underlying condition such as mastitis or an infection. You should get a diagnosis from a doctor.

It can be seen that there are many different characteristics and may be both normal symptoms and signs of disease The best way is for us to regularly check for changes that occur in our breasts. and undergo a physical examination with a doctor if any abnormalities are found In order to be able to detect disease quickly and provide timely treatment