AC Milan beat Lecce 2-0.

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AC Milan returned to 5th place in the table again. After opening the nest to beat Lecce 2-0 from the performance of Rafael Leao who scored alone.

AC Milan, who has just passed the Champions League playoffs. Adjusts the offensive line and sends. Ante Rebic to play in front of the goal instead of Olivier Giroud, whose physical condition is not perfect. While Rafael Leao is doing. Hot work ready to go along the line as before

Milan was the first to win in the 14th minute. Teo Hernandez passed the ball to Sandro Tonali to shoot with a shot right in front of the penalty area. The ball goes into the box but does not pass through the hands of Vladimiro Falcone, the Lecce goalkeeper. 

Lecce had some chances in the 21st minute from Remy Oudin’s long shot. But Milan goalkeeper Mike Mengong made it easy to defend  UFABET

In the 40th minute, it was AC Milan that led 1-0. Sandro Tonali played a short left corner kick with his teammates. Before throwing it into the penalty area for Rafael Leao to strike the ball into the net. 

In the second half.

Milan looked sluggish, with Stefano Pioli making changes, with Alexis Salemaker, Ismael Bennacer and Simon Kier replacing Junior Mess. Zias, Sandro Tonalri and Malik Theo  

Milan almost got the second goal in the 73rd minute, Rafael Leao used his unique ability to turn into the penalty area on the left side before pumping the ball until he had dropped a single, narrow corner and chipped the ball over Vladimiro Falcone, but force to cause the ball to fly over the crossbar

But 5 minutes later, Rafael Leao was able to make excuses after pulling the ball from the middle of the field until it entered the penalty area and locking the ball into the shot with the left, passing the ball through the legs of the visiting players before hitting the far post, bouncing into the goal 2- 0

The rest of the time, Milan ended the game with a 2-0 win, making Inter Milan return to fifth place with 56 points.