Brighton 0 – Manchester United 0.

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Manchester United progressed to the Football FA Cup final against Manchester City after battling to the Supreme Court before beating Brighton 7-6 on penalties.

Brighton organized a full offensive line, led by Solly Marsh, Kaoru Mitoma and Danny Welbeck, while Manchester United sent Marcus Rashford, who had just recovered from the injury, real and got Bruno. Fernandes returned to form after missing Europe due to suspension. 

The game started in the 14th minute.

Manchester United had a chance to win when Christian Eriksen passed the ball to Bruno Fernandes, caught it and fired from the front of the penalty area, but Robert Sanchez still defended it. great

The next moment Brighton reacted back when Danny Welbeck passed the ball to Kaoru Mitoma with a left-hand blow in the penalty area. but the ball does not enter the frame 

halfway through the first half The game had to stop for a while when Bruno Fernandes had an injury. But in the end, he was able to continue after receiving first aid. UFABET

Brighton almost in the 32nd minute, Kaoru Mitoma, dragged from the left, cut in, was about to shoot, but Aaron Wan-Bissaka hit the block before Julio Nziso ran to strike with the right. other The ball hit hard and fell off the post a little bit behind.

In the 44th minute, Manchester United had a great chance when Casemiro slammed the ball into the box for Bruno Fernandes to find a right-hand shot. but broke the joint a little too much, causing it to fall off the pole

In stoppage time.

A defensive mistake at Brighton allowed Anthony Martial to ride in front of the penalty area and decide to shoot from long distance to over the goalkeeper’s head before hooking it into the net. but the ball flew out after

The Red Devils had a chance to end the first half when Rashford accessed the ball in the left penalty area before passing back to the right penalty area, Christian Eriksen ran to shoot without catching Robert Sanchez. H had to use his legs to swing away from danger. Then the first half ended with a tie of 0-0. 

In the second half, Brighton aggressively attacked the Red Devils. And almost the very lead in the 56th minute, when Diogo Dalot’s bad ball clearance, which entered the way of Julio Nciso, hit the left joint, David De Gea had to super save after

From the stroke of a corner kick, Pascal Gross opened the head of Danny Welbeck to strike heavily, but the ball missed the crossbar.  

Manchester United had some chances in the 59th minute, Bruno Fernandes brought the ball down pretty well before signing for Anthony to touch and shoot in front of the penalty area. 

Going into the final 15 minutes, Brighton had to take off the injured Danny Welbeck and send Deniz Undaf to play instead. 

In the 83rd minute, Brighton almost took the lead from a long shot from Solly Marsh’s left side, where De Gea had to swipe one hand before following and grabbing the ball. Then the game ended without a goal, resulting in a 0-0 draw, requiring extra time. 

In extra time.

Manchester United had a first chance in the 98th minute. Jadon Sancho opened the ball from the left into the penalty area for Marcel Sabitzer to get a header, but flicked too much. The ball then fell off the post far behind.  

105 minutes, Manchester United should have scored the most goals. From a shot directly into the skull of Marcus Rashford, where the ball was deflected, the Brighton defender already looked like he was going to go into the net, but Robert Sanchez, the super save, flew away perfectly. 

rest period Both teams were unable to score goals, causing the end of 120 minutes to be decided by a penalty shoot-out, which was Manchester United’s shot more accurately than the first 7, but Brighton’s 7th person, Solly Marsh, shot over the crossbar. Manchester United have advanced to the final against Manchester City on Saturday June 3.