Busquets ready to stay if Barcelona sign Messi.

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Barca fans may see Lionel Messi reuniting with Sergio Busquets if Barcelona‘s economic plans are approved by La Liga.

Derio Sport correspondent Gerard Romero has an update on Sergio Busquets’ future, stating that the 34-year-old is keen to stay at Barcelona if Lionel Messi returns to Camp Nou this summer 

Busquets’ contract is due to expire this summer. But the 34-year-old midfielder has yet to make a decision about his future. Although the Azulgra team should offer him a new deal to consider. Among the interest of Inter Miami, a club from the Major Leagues UFABET

According to reports, coach Xavi Hernandez is keen to keep Busquets at Azul Grana. Despite the new offer from the club. The 34-year-old midfielder has a huge pay cut.

According to reports, Busquets may choose to stay at Barcelona if the club reach an agreement to bring Messi back to the Nou Camp this summer. It is not unusual for the 34-year-old to make such a decision given their relationship since. Busy’s promotion to the first team in 2008.

However, Barcelona still have to resolve the issue of Financial Fair Play rules that Azul Grana sent their economic plans to La Liga, leaving only an official response. Before the Catalan giants will take the next step, that is to sign a deal with Messi. Which is expected to be a two-year contract with a wage of not more than 13 million euros per season.