Inzaghi unexpected Inter Milan wins 3 domestic championships.

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi admits at the start of the season. He did not expect the team to win three domestic titles.

Inzaghi, who took charge of Inter Milan for the first season led the team to win their first Super Coppa Italiana in January. And prepare to lead the team to the Coppa Italia final against Juventus on Wednesday, May 11.

Inter are also in contention for the Serie A title. UFABET Come two points behind AC Milan before playing their last two games.

Inzaghi said: “It’s the final. There is nothing guaranteed to win. And have to play the final knowing our opponents are strong. We need to give 110 per cent to reach our second goal this season.”

“We won our first title in January. But we must focus on the future. and after this game We will miss the last two games of the season. How do you think we should start the game?”

“We do great work and work well So many games have been played over the past 15 days, perhaps last July. I didn’t even imagine that I would be here. (Finals)”

Pioli’s belief that Milan deserved to win: “I think it is right, matches must also be reviewed and interpreted. We are still licking our wounds from the derby we lost but which had said something else until the 75th minute.”