Souness believes Manchester United regret letting Lukaku leave the club

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Graeme Souness believes Manchester United may regret letting Romelu Lukaku leave the club.

         The Belgian national team moved from Everton to play at Old Town. Trafford in 2017 scored 42 goals in 96 games before being sold to Inter Milan two years later, before Lukaku’s smashing strike helped the team to the Serie A title. Serie A last season before being brought back to Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku

         After scoring two more goals in the 3-0 win over Aston Villa in the Premier League last night, Souness believes United may look back and regret selling Lukaku.

         “I don’t think Manchester United should have let him go,” Souness told The Mirror.

         “Of course he is important. Game-changing door If you want someone to pass the ball in, you’re a different team.”

         “He has no weaknesses. I’m not saying that he’s good in every field. But he has no clear weaknesses. If you face him and you are the center You definitely won’t enjoy it.”

         “I don’t think anyone would enjoy battling with him. He has everything in his game and he will always be a different part if he is fit.”