Watford set up Hodgson to escape the crisis in 24 hours.

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Roy Hodgson manager of the Unemployment Team Watford are being heavily tapped for a quest to maintain Premier League status. With Watford football team after just 14 games apart from former boss Claudio Ranieri.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that all 14 matches of the former manager . The English Premier League champions team as Leicester in 2016 looks deteriorating. Because UFABET they have lost 11 matches ( W2 , D1 ). There are highlights just defeat Manchester United 4-1 and kick off Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s job .  

As a result the 70 – year-old Zhuge Liang is not trust by club owner Gino Pozzo to keep the reins. This is the second manager of the season at Vicarage Road to lose his job. After Chesco Munoz eighth  overall in the league.

The candidate for replacement is Roy Hodgson. Who unemploy at the end of the 2020-21 season from Crystal Palace. With the manager and assistant Ray Leington join in on Tuesday’s rough mission. 25 Jan. 

Grandfather Roy will have time to form the Watford team for a while before entering the field for the next match on February 5. Visiting the team in the bottom group of the table together like Burnley at Turf Moor with the number of mothers 18 games remaining on Saturday.